Saturday, May 17, 2014

Caesars Court Buffet, Atlantic City, NJ

Two days ago my friend and I went to Atlantic City for some fun and stayed at Caesars. Since Caesars gave us a BOGO buffet, we decide to go try it out. We were there around 6pm and there were plenty of seats available. Our busboy was friendly and explained to us the layout of the buffet as it was renovated recently. The buffet is divided into 6 sections, Chinese, Italian, seafood, carving station, desserts, and wine station (not included in the buffet price).

One thing that I always tell people is that when you go to a buffet, you are picking quantity over quality. So when I rate them I should do so accordingly. Here are a couple pictures that I took (sorry the pictures aren't that great. I'll get better at it eventually!) .

Chinese food section. Your typical egg roll, chicken, beef, and dumplings. the kimchi in the basket was a nice touch.

Italian and seafood section. Sausage, stuffed shell, meatball, steaks, and broccoli rabe. The soup was New England clam chowder, and a bucket of buttered clams for the seafood section.
I also tried their raw oysters and plenty of desserts, which unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of.

Final Thoughts
Overall I was happy with the food I tried. It was definitely not cheap as it was about $32 a person before tax and tips. The food tasted good for a buffet, and the desserts were really good. I regret that I was too full to try the carving station, it looked really nice. If you are at Caesars Casino and can't decide on what to eat, this can be an option for you.

Price: $$ 

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