Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cheese E. Wagon, Philadelphia, PA

Today post will not be for a restaurant, but instead a food truck. If you live in a city or going to an big university, chances are you have tried food trucks before. They are usually cheap and fast. Occasionally there are also gourmet food trucks which are most expensive and fancier. The truck I went to today fall in between the two.
The name of this truck is called Cheese E. Wagon, located on Market St, between 33rd and 34th St. Since I skipped breakfast today I went there at 11am for some brunch food.
     Pictures of its menu

The food I ordered was the steak breakfast burrito for $5. I would've bought the chicken quesadilla since it was great when I had it last time but I figured I would try something different this time. As stated on the menu, it has steak, blended cheese, roma tomato, egg, and some hot sauce since I asked for it to be spicy. 
Overall, the burrito was fresh, as the chef cooks the food when you place your order. The size of it was okay, personally I would like it to be a little bigger. If I order this again I would probably ask for more hot sauce since that gave it a better flavor and help distinguish it from your normal egg and cheese sandwiches. 

Final Thoughts
I don't go to Cheese E. Wagon often. This was probably the 4th time I bought food from it. The chicken quesadilla is definitely what you should try if you are there for the first time and I will try to take a picture of it when I get it. But for the burrito, I would say that it was good but I don't think I'll get it next time. I'll probably stick with what I know and get the quesadilla :).

Price: $5 
Taste for the burrito: 
Wait time: about 5 minutes
recommendation: Chicken Quesadilla

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