Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tokyo Sushi Buffet Hibachi & Bar, Mays Landing, NJ

Continuing for the last post, we were in Atlantic City, NJ for Thursday. After we check out on Friday, we decided to take a short drive(15 minutes on the expressway) to Tokyo Sushi Buffet Hibachi & Bar, which is in Mays Landing, NJ for lunch before we go our own way. My friend spent a year teaching abroad in Japan, and I love Japanese food, so this is naturally a good place for both of us. We got there around 12pm which is when the place opens.

Since we only went for the buffet, I won't be commenting on the hibachi & bar portion of the restaurant. The buffet has a wide selection of hot food, sushi, salad, and ice cream (they have red bean and green tea ice cream, which aren't easy to find).

First let's talk about the hot food. There were 3 aisles of them and they were either Japanese or Chinese styles of cooking. You can see on my plate the food I tried that day.

What stood out was the walnut shrimp and the fried squid. The sauce of the shrimp was sweet but not overwhelming, which was perfect for me. The squid was fried just long enough so it wasn't dry or chewy. The clam was disappointing, they simply boiled it and was bland.

Next, we hit up the sushi. They were lined up nicely on a plate over ice, which kept them chill. The selection were mostly standard, with the usual salmon, tuna, crab meat, fish roe, and so forth. Depending on the sushi chef, they also make different specialty rolls. On that day, they had a seaweed hand rolls, and a spicy salmon layered sushi (at least that what I'll call it), just to name a few.

Overall the sushi was fresh, I had my favorite spicy salmon rolls and spicy tuna rolls, which were both up to my expectation. The seaweed hand roll wasn't that great, however, since they only have seaweed in it and nothing else.

Other things that were there but I didn't try include the shrimp cocktail, raw clam, and majority of the salad and dessert selection, as they weren't too appealing compared to what I had at Caesars the night before. However, I did have some ice cream and that was a fitting end to my buffet trip.

Final Thoughts
For only $10.99 per person for lunch on a weekday, you really can't ask for much more. While the hot food wasn't great, the main point of going to this place is for the sushi, which I was completely satisfied with. As far as I know, they have two other locations in Deptford, NJ, and Freehold, NJ, and this was the newest one. If you like sushi but don't like to pay so much for it, this is a place for you.

Price: $ 

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